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Better Futures and Home Stretch

The Victorian Government has provided funding to support young people on a permanent care order who turn 15 years and 9 months after 1 July 2021 to get the support they need as they get older.

Better Futures can support young people with:

Development Coach Information and Advice Flexible Funding to achieve your goals
Support to access employment Housing Support with driving lessons and getting your licence
Support to explore independent living Health and wellbeing School related items such as books, laptop and uniform
Support to apply for TAFE/university courses Community and cultural connections Learn new skills (eg managing money, cooking)
Assistance to apply for Centrelink Employment  Support recreational/sporting interests (memberships/equipment)

Better Futures also offers Home Stretch, which supports young people to remain living with you after 18 or to move to other housing, like private rental. This support is available until 21 years of age via payment of an allowance.

Is Better Futures aiming to have my young person leave home at 18?

No.  The purpose of Better Futures is to help your young person transition to independence.  What that looks like will differ for each young person.  The purpose is NOT to transition them out of home at 18, unless that is what your young person wants. As you are aware the DFFH care allowance for young people on permanent care orders ceases at 18.  If your young person wants to continue living with you until 21, Better Futures will effectively continue the care allowance until then.

As noted above, Better Futures provides so much more than a financial allowance to help them transition to independence, so it is very important that they are engaged early in conversations about what support they can receive.  

How does my young person get access to Better Futures?

Your young person may already have received a letter indicating they may be eligible for Better Futures.  We know that some of their past experiences may make them reluctant to engage with the Better Futures providers.  We encourage you to talk through with them the benefits of at least engaging to find out what the program is and what it might offer them, so they can make an informed decision.

To access these programs, or find out more, either you or your young person can contact PCA Families on 03 9020 1833 (option 3). PCA Families assesses eligibility for the program and once your young person’s eligibility is confirmed, and they have consented to referral for Better Futures services, we connect them to a Better Futures provider.Better Futures and Homestretch are delivered by community service organisations and Aboriginal Community Controlled Organisations across the state.

Your young person will be eligible for these programs until they are 21, so even if they don’t think they need help now, we recommend they still make contact with us.  Their circumstances may change and they may not have thought of some of the support that might be available to them

For more information about Better Futures or Home Stretch please visit DFFH here.


To be eligible for Better Futures support you will be

  • Greater than 15 years and 9 months of age
  • Subject to a permanent care order

Please note eligibility for this program came into effect from 1st July 2021.

Is Better Futures available for young people who are adopted or on Family Court Parenting Orders?

Better Futures is not currently available to those young people who are adopted or on Family Court Parenting Orders.  PCA Families will be advocating for change in this area, so if you are able to provide case studies to help us, then please let us know via the member input/feedback form.  

If you are receiving a DFFH care allowance please consider your young person’s eligibility for the Federal Transition to Independent Living Allowance (TILA)

Contact PCA Families for referral to Better Futures and Home Stretch

Better Futures Advisor Consultation

The best way to contact PCA Families about Better Futures and Home Stretch is to book a consultation with an advisor by clicking the button above (45 minute consultation).

That way our advisors can gather all the information they need before speaking with you.

Where PCA Families has information that indicates you may be eligible we will attempt to contact you via phone, email or letter to determine if you want referral to Better Futures support. 

It is critical if your child is approaching 17 years of age to make contact with a Better Futures Advisor.

Once we have confirmed your eligibility, and you consent to referral for Better Futures services, PCA Families will connect you with a Better Futures provider.  Better Futures and Homestretch are delivered by community service organisations and Aboriginal Community Controlled Organisations across the state.

PCA Families contact for Better Futures and Homestretch is:

Better Futures Advisor Consultation -  Book a 45 minute consultation to discuss the Better Futures program (preferred) 
T:  03 9020 1833 - choose option 2

Leaving Care

The Victorian Government offer advice to young people to assist you when you decide its time to start planning towards moving out from your parents or carers homes.   

The key to optimal success is preparation: having a planned and supported transition to independent living, involvement in all decision making and a detailed support plan for ongoing support!

There are resources to support you through this process and it is critical that you find out what those resources are that may be available to you (whether immediately or in your future).

Find out more about what is available to you here.