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Strategic Plan 2020-2022

Our Vision
That every child who cannot live permanently with their birth parents thrives in a strong, stable, and permanent family.

Our Purpose
Permanent care, kinship care and adoptive families have committed to helping their children thrive and we are committed to helping them do it.

Our Mission
We advocate on behalf of and deliver peer support and other trauma informed services for permanent care, kinship and adoptive families. We inform, upskill and empower our parents / carers to advocate strategically for the services and support their children and our communities need. Our independent support is trusted by our families and often critical to their success. 


Grow and engage our membership 
Reach all new permanent care and adoptive families. Develop evidence base of member needs. Build sense of community among members. 

Deliver high quality services to our clients 
Deliver client-centred support, advice and advocacy programs – trauma informed, lived experience. 

Engage and advocate with key stakeholders for strategic outcomes 
Use lived experience, member’s voices and evidence to influence public policy and service delivery decision-making. 

Diversify and grow our revenue 
Secure diverse and sustainable resources from government agencies, philanthropy, individual donors and private companies.