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Advocacy Priorities & Campaigns

PCA Families amplifies the voices of permanent care, kinship care, and adoptive families in Victoria.

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The outcomes we seek to achieve are to:

  • Improve the lived experience of children and families.
  • Increase social investment for programs and initiatives that address key issues relevant to permanent care, kinship care, and adoptive families.
  • Increase decision-makers and influencers’ awareness and understanding of the issues experienced by families and potential solutions.
  • Influence and drive reform of public policy and the service system. This is done through promoting positive change through incremental shifts or major reform.

Advocacy is carried out at various levels:

  • At an individual level within client services
  • As a representative body responding to themes and issues raised by our community

Our Approach:

  • The PCA Families approach to advocacy and campaigning is informed by a ‘bottom-up’ approach to consultation. We facilitate direct participation by families with lived experience of policy issues.
  • We recognise the value of formal and informal partnerships with external organisations and bodies within and across sectors in influencing change.
  • Our advocacy is informed by the best possible evidence produced by robust research processes.
  • We are solution focused, presenting clear, credible and tangible solutions to existing policy issues.

If you would like to participate in advocacy undertaken by PCA Families, please contact us.