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Mindfulness Essentials Workshop

From 07 March 2024 20:00
Until 07 March 2024 21:00
Location Zoom Online Meeting -

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Deborah Hunt



Topic: Mindfulness Essentials Workshop

PCAF has partnered with Smiling Mind to bring you this specially curated Mindfulness session open to all Permanent Carers and Adoptive Families at no cost.

Dive into a practical and engaging session designed to help you integrate mindfulness into your daily life. This workshop will serve as your guide to understanding the importance of mindfulness and how you can leverage its benefits through regular practice.

Don't miss this chance to be part of something truly special!
We look forward to welcoming you.

Speaker: Karen Haddon, Smiling Minds

Karen is a skilled mindfulness, compassion and yoga teacher with over 24 years of personal practice. Teaching evidence based mindfulness, compassion and positive wellbeing programs since 2015. Karen combines her expertise in mindfulness with a genuine warm, compassionate and curious nature when engaging with participants in the program she leads. Her inspiration for this work comes from the depth of human flourishing she observes in the lives of those who decide to learn and interweave mindfulness, compassion, gratefulness and positive wellbeing habits into their lives. Her passion for staying up to date on the latest research and teaching methods in mindfulness, sees Karen continuing her studies in mindfulness.

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