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PCA Families works with families joined through permanent care and adoption.  These families are diverse; whilst some children join their families directly through permanent and adoptive placements, others find their permanent families through the pathways of foster care, kith and kinship care.


Adoption is the legal process by which children become members of adoptive families in situations where they are unable to be taken care of by birth parents or extended families. The child is usually voluntarily placed for adoption by the birth parent/s and a new birth certificate is issued when the Adoption Order is made. The adopted child becomes a full member of the new family, taking their surname and assuming the same rights and privileges as a birth child, including the right of inheritance. Most Australian-born children in adoptive families continue to have some contact with members of their original families; there are currently very few Australian-born children placed for adoption. 


Intercountry Adoption  

Intercountry adoption is a formal process that occurs when an Australian citizen or permanent resident, who is residing in Australia, adopts a child from another country through the authorities in their Australian state or territory.  The number of children available for intercountry adoption in Australia continues to decrease.

The Department of Social Services (DSS) is now the Australian Government department responsible for intercountry adoption matters.  As the Commonwealth Central Authority, DSS is responsible for enabling the performance of Australia's obligations under the Hague Convention on Protection of Children and Co-operation in Respect of Intercountry Adoption.  To read more about intercountry adoption, please visit


Permanent Care provides families for children when the Children’s Court has determined that the child cannot live safely with their birth parents.  A Permanent Care Order is a legal arrangement in which the child lives permanently with a family that becomes responsible for his or her custody and guardianship. The order continues until the child turns 18. Carers, including permanent kinship carers make a commitment to the child placed in their care and the emotional bond is intended to continue for life.


Kith and Kinship Care is the care provided by relatives or a member of a child’s social network when a child cannot live with their parents.  Many kinship carers have made a commitment to the permanent care of their child through a Permanent Care Order.

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