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Providing education and support to deliver better outcomes for children and families in permanent care and adoption

Welcome to Permanent Care and Adoptive Families


We are now in the CBD

Level 5, 50 Market Street, Melbourne.  Come and visit us at our new premises. For a map please view Contact Us 



PCA Families is an early intervention service that provides support to families formed through kinship care, permanent care and adoption. 

PCA Families believes in strong families that build successful life outcomes for children.  Established in 2003, PCA Families has delivered high-impact early-intervention supports and services to families for over 10 years.  These are informed by the lived experience of parents, carers and families and work to:

  • support parents and carers to be confident and skilled in their role
  • support children and young people to achieve life success
  • promote better understanding of the needs of families formed through kinship care, permanent care and adoption.

PCA Families is a not for profit service.  We rely on grants and donations to continue our work.  Membership is free.