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Flexible funding

Please note that due to significant increases in demand for Flexi Funds in recent months there is currently a 14 - 28 day wait time for applications to be processed. If you have submitted an application, we apologise for the delay and the team will be in direct contact with you to provide updates. 


These guidelines will assist families of permanent care, special needs adoption and family court order who also recieve the DHHS Carer reimbursement allowance.

Policy context

Flexible funding can be provided to permanent carers to help meet additional needs of a child in their care.  A permanent care order confers parental responsibility for the child on the permanent carers, to the exclusion of all others. Permanent carers continue to receive a carer allowance to assist with covering the costs of care, including the education and medical allowance. 


Flexible funding:

  • may be approved to cover partial, full, or ongoing costs
  • will only be provided when the cost of the service, product, or activity, is beyond that reasonably covered by an existing care allowance, or other sources of funding
  • cannot be used for salaries, or professional development
  • may be provided directly to a retailer, service provider or a carer (on exception).

Target group

Flexible funding requests can be considered when:

The child or young person is subject to a permanent care order made in Victoria, residing in an ongoing permanent care placement.  Carers receiving the Victorian Department of Health and Human Service carer allowance for permanent placements where the child is subject to a Family Court order, or a Special Needs Adoption can also apply.  

What the funding will cover

Permanent carers continue to receive the carer allowance once a permanent care order is made, which includes an allowance for education and medical costs.  Flexible funding is only available when all other funding options have been exhausted, and no other source of funding exists.

The funding may be used to:

  • support access to services to address the therapeutic needs of a child which result from trauma or negative experiences 
  • support a child to access additional educational support not covered by the education allowance
  • support additional health and medical needs of the child not covered by the medical allowance, Medicare, or private health insurance 
  • preserve contact between parents, siblings and family members
  • preserve cultural identity
  • provide access to respite care
  • cover costs related to child care beyond other subsidies
  • assist with home modifications provided they are essential 
  • assist with essential vehicle requirements such as modifications, car seats, and upsizing
  • assist with other services essential to support the placement.

The funding is NOT to be used for: 

  • legal costs
  • staff salaries or professional development.

How to apply?

  1. You will need to complete the Flexible Funding Carer Application Form which can be found in both word and pdf version
  2. You will need a copy of the Statutory Permanent Care order with court reference number in the top right hand corner and a copy of your DHHS remittance slip. Please see sample document
  3. Please arrange a quote for the service you wish to utilise and either email the documents to or post to P O Box 201, Collingwood  3066 
  4. Your application will be allocated to a staff member who will contact you to discuss the application. There are periods of high demand so please allow as much time as possible for your application to be considered.
  5. Applications of a high cost/expense are presented to the CEO and/or alliance members for approval/rejection or part payment. 
  6. You will be notified by PCA Families of outcome of your application.  

How to provide feedback or request a review of decision?

The policy for feedback, complaints and review is here

Please call PCA Families on 03 9020 1833 if you have any queries or email 

To read the DHHS fact sheet for parents and carers click here 



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