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Resources for Teens

Sherrie Eldridge –Resources for Adoptees is a collection of resources and articles by author and professional speaker Sherrie Eldridge that focus on her experience of being an adoptee, as well as the experiences of other adoptees.

Teens Only – Range of Emotions has a moderate spectrum of feelings that an adopted teen might be experiencing. When you select an emotion, a corresponding response appears, with tips on dealing with that emotion, maintaining relationships and self-care.

Adopted Teens Speak Out is a short educational film centred on the written experiences of adopted teens. There is a trailer of the film, and a link to buy the DVD.

With Teen Health the South Australian Government provides a wonderful resource for adopted teens. There is some excellent information targeted specifically at questions and feelings adopted young people might have, as well as links to further resources and services.

Bethany Christian Services – Adoptees provides resources and links to other resources and services for adoptees of all age groups. A comprehensive range of issues are covered via these links, although some of the links are North America specific.

Adopted and Fostered Youth provides links to a wide range of other websites focused on adopted and fostered young people. Many of the links are related to lived experiences, and there is an emphasis on hearing the “voice” of young people.

The Adopted Teens Website is a message board. The site is under construction. Please keep checking the link as it should be up and running soon!

How I Finally Met My Birth Brother is the story of a young girl reconnecting with her birth brothers. This article speaks to finding information about birth families, and how that ties-in with the families we have. It offers a unique insight into the mind of a teenager, and would resonate with teens and parents alike.

Headspace is Australia’s national youth mental health foundation. This website provides a valuable resource to young people from all walks of life. Key issues highlighted are: depression and anxiety, self-harm and substance abuse, and sexuality and relationships. 


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