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Applying for a passport when you are on a permanent care order 

Application for 'Change of Name' for children in Permanent Care Families

Considering Therapy

Creating a Safe Emotional Space for your Child 

Dealing with Sensitive Issues in Support Groups

Engaging a Therapist

FAQ's about Adoption and Permanent Care

Legal and Public Liability Issues for Support Groups

Parent Help - Strengthening Self-Regulation

PCA Families Specialist Database

School assistance with expenses 

Seeing Your GP

Setting up a Playgroup? 

Supporting your child with Self-Regulation of their Emotion

The Better Access to Mental Health Care

Time-In versus Time-Out


Legal Fact Sheets for Permanent Care Parents

The information contained in these factsheets is designed and intended to provide general information about the current law in Victoria and was considered to be true and correct at the date of publication. Since publication the law has been amended, with changes due to be implemented by 1 March 2016.  Continue to check this website for updates or changes to the legal fact sheets.

To read the amended legislation, follow the link


Fact Sheet 1 - Now that I have a Permanent Care Order (PCO), what do I need to know?

Fact Sheet 2 - Rights of the Child in Permanent Care

Fact Sheet 3 - Contact Arrangements

Fact Sheet 4 - Now that a Permanent Care Order (PCO) is in place, do I need to go back to court?

Fact Sheet 5 - Will and Succession Rights of Carers and Children in Permanent Care

Fact Sheet 6 - Other Legal Issues 

Fact Sheet 7 - Am I eligible to claim Paid Parental Leave as a permanent care parent?

Fact Sheet 8 - Am I eligble to see Child Support payments for my child under a permanent care order (PCO)  



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