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Life Story Work

Learn how Life Story Work can be used by Parents and Carers as a therapeutic tool to use with children. Life Story Work begins a healing journey with children, helping them understand their past and present while providing resources to move on into the  future. 

At this session, we will explore via guided discussion about Life Story Work and how this aligns with the work you do with families. This includes: 

  • Current research and thinking on Life Story Work and the role it can take in family life
  • The opportunity to explore, in a practical way, how to create and use life stories
  • An invaluable ‘toolbox’ of suggested strategies and activities, and
  • Shared learning, reflection and problem-solving. 

Young people and children in Kinship Care, Foster Care, Permanent Care and Adoptive families often require additional guidance from the adults in their lives to ensure they have opportunities to record their history. They may also need help reflecting upon the impact of this narrative on their life. Life Story Work is a researched and highly regarded approach for providing structure and purpose to children and families engaged in this activity. 

“In essence, life story therapy is not just about the who, what, where, when, why and how of events – it is also about the consequences of those events, and how they drive the child.” (Rose, 2012)

Duration: 4 hours, with opportunity for group discussion and sharing 


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