Providing education and support to deliver better outcomes for children and families in permanent care and adoption



PCA Families runs tailored training for professionals, delivering a unique mix of professional expertise combined with experience-based insights into how professional practice impacts on families in permanent care and adoption. Structured to facilitate reflective learning, our training enables professionals to develop understanding and confidence in their professional practice as it relates to the specific needs of individuals and families formed through permanent care and adoption. 

Please view our training for professionals here.

PCA Families also has a range of training for adoptive and permanent care parents which can be delivered through agreement with your organisation, both within Melbourne and Regional Victoria. This training may also be of value to professionals.  Our range of training and workshops for parents can be viewed here.

For information on our scheduled training, please visit our Calendar of Events.  For further information on these programs or to discuss your specific training needs, please contact our Events and Communications Officer, Deborah Hunt, at or on telephone 9020 1839.



Specialist database

PCA Families operates a specialist database of allied health and other professionals skilled in working with individuals and families with experience of adoption and permanent care.  PCA Families provides members and clients with information on professionals practising within and outside of metropolitan Melbourne.  This service focusses particularly on appropriately qualified professionals delivering therapeutic counselling to individuals and families.  This is a free service offered by PCA Families to connect families with services professionally competent in matters relating to adoption, permanent care and other forms of home-based care.

If you are a practitioner who would like to be included on our database, contact Liz Powell at or by telephone 9020 1833.

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